Temporary Orthotics

Dr. Hoa Nguyen - Temporary Orthotics

The temporary orthotic is an orthopedic appliance that is designed to correct the old, harmful habits of jaw malposition that have developed over the years to compensate for the malocclusion (poor bite) of the teeth. The appliance is designed to be comfortable to wear and virtually invisible. The orthotic is developed with the exact occlusal (bite) specifications that are identified with Gneuromuscular approach using the ULF-TENS and K7 Evaluation System.

The temporary orthotic is worn 24 hours a day for a period of three to twelve months. It is traditionally the first phase of a broader course of treatment and its function is to relieve the continuous muscle spasms of the jaw, eliminate the chronic symptoms of the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and get the various systems involved with your occlusion and chewing to become accustomed to the optimal positioning.

The temporary orthotic also serves as a way of verifying the identified optimal occlusion. When worn, the K7 Evaluation system readings should be optimal. When worn for several months, the TMD symptoms (headaches, jaw pain, muscle tension, etc) will also disappear if the optimal occlusion is simulated by wearing the temporary orthotic. If symptoms disappear and the K7 readings are where they need to be, the next, more permanent phase of treatment can begin.