Testimonials for Dr. Nguyen

"It is a pleasure to provide a testimonial for Dr. Nguyen's work. I have seen many dentists, but none have come close to his skills. This was the main reason I chose him for my complete mouth restoration. The second reason was that I had a fear of dentists, but found that Dr. Nguyen's calmness and competence made me feel much better. He went to great lengths to ensure my comfort. My situation was particularly complicated, yet he worked meticulously and with amazing patience to correct clenching and clicking of the jaw. With the new bridges and crowns he found the perfect balance between duplicating my original teeth for a natural look, and adjusting where necessary to cover gaps or adjusting a misaligned tooth. He used the latest technology and materials to create a beautiful, white, natural look. For the first time in my life I can speak and laugh with confidence. I absolutely love my new smile."

Antonia B