Dr. Hoa Nguyen - ULF-TENS

The Ultra Low Frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (ULF – TENS) unit is used to stimulate and relax the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) muscles through a mild, intermittent, electrical pulse. It will administer these controlled bursts over the span of forty five to sixty minutes. The electrical pulse is not high enough to create any discomfort, and patients will only feel their muscles “activated” intermittently. At the end of the “TENSing” session, the TMJ muscles, both in the jaw itself as well as in the face and neck, are in a state of relaxation.

Since the optimal occlusion (bite) occurs when the muscles are completely relaxed, the TENS unit allows us to establish the approximate optimal spatial relationship between the jaws and teeth. In order to establish the exact optimal occlusion, a K7 Evaluation System should be used. Once this unique optimal occlusion point is identified and documented, Dr. Nguyen can start the process of creating a treatment plan that will help the teeth and jaw to maintain this relaxed state.

For more information on the different functions of the Myotronics TENS unit used in our office, we encourage you to follow the embedded link to the manufacturer’s page.